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Cresco Speedway

Cresco Speedway
Sponsorship Opportunities

       The Howard County Fair Board is offering sponsorship opportunities to area businesses, organizations and individuals who wish to promote their cause and at the same time support Cresco Speedway.

      Sponsorship opportunities vary and if requested can be tailored to suit the sponsor. Corporate or business outings at the track are a fun and inexpensive way to show support for the Speedway and at the same time offer your employees a great evening of exciting racing action in a family atmosphere.

      To invest in any type of sponsorship opportunities at Cresco Speedway, or to put together a special package that is specifically suited to your needs, please contact the Secretary of the Howard County Fair Board.

      For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities contact the Secretary. Phone 563-547-4996 or e-mail info@mhcfair.com for details.

 All profits realized by the operation of Cresco Speedway will be used by the Howard County Fair Board for improvements to the facility.


 Title sponsorship of a race event offers several opportunities for the title sponsor to promote their business. For a $500 investment a title sponsor package will include the following:

  • Title naming of the race event.
  • Ten grandstand passes.
  • Title sponsor named in all advertising of the event.
  • Trophies for all class winners with title sponsor engraved on trophies.
  • Sponsor option to present trophies to winners in each class.
  • Photographs of trophy presentations taken and presented to sponsor.
  • Photographs used for race event press releases in area media.
  • Placement of sponsor banners, posters and other promotion materials in strategic areas of the facility (banners, posters and other promotional material provided by sponsor).
  • Sponsor has option to distribute promotional items during the racing event.
  • Regular announcements by speedway announcer during the racing event promoting the event sponsor.


      Speedway billboards are located from turn two to turn three of the speedway and are easily viewed from the grandstands and pit area. Billboards are 4' high x 16' long. Each billboard is made of aluminum sheet with professional graphics, designed to the specs of the billboard sponsor.

      Should a billboard be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced, the Speedway will take care of all costs. Should a billboard need to be replaced due to sponsor request because of change in sign design, natural weathering of the graphics or other sponsor changes, the billboard sponsor will be responsible for such costs.

  • Yearly lease for speedway billboard is $150.
  • One season pass will be given to each billboard sponsor.

      All billboards sponsors will be invoiced at the beginning of the racing season. Billboards of sponsors who do not wish to renew their billboard lease will be removed.

Cresco, Iowa
JUNE 21 - 25, 2023
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