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Matt’s Family Jam is a modern-day family show band from Branson, Missouri who performs feel good, family-friendly music for all ages. Since taking to the road in 2011 Matt Rolf, his wife Lisa, and their 3 children have had the privilege to tour North America, as a family, performing for fairs and festivals far and wide. Whether it’s rock’n’roll, jazz, swing, country or gospel selections, every performance treats the audience to great musicianship, tight family harmonies, and exceptional showmanship in a style only Matt’s Family Jam can produce. Whether on your stage, their stage or strolling your grounds on their Beat Bus rolling stage, this family will jam and draw an audience!


Several shows daily. Show times to be announced.

Cresco, Iowa
JUNE 21 - 25, 2017
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Cresco Speedway
Expo Center
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