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Sunday - June 24, 2018

Grandstand Admission with Fair Button or $15 per person (14 years & above)
$7 (9 years to 13 years)     Free 8 yrs and under.

Fireworks After the Derby - Courtesy of CUSB Bank

5:00 p.m.

Tuff Truck Rules/Procedures

Demo Derby Information

Demo & trophies sponsored by: Mighty Howard County Fair Board

Demo officiating by: 3T Promotions,Tad Billmeyer, 910-934-9017

 Entry Fee: all classes $50 (car & driver)   Pit Pass: $20 (all non-drivers)


Demo Derby Classes

 Old/New Modified Build: $1500, $750, $300, $200, $100

Class Rules


Stock Big Car: $1000, $600, $400, $250, $200

Class Rules


Stock Trucks: $1200, $700, $300, $200, $100

Class Rules


Stock Midsized Car: $1000, $600, $300, $200, $100

Class Rules 

All demo vehicles must be signed in 1 hour before start time & must have passed inspection.

Anyone that shows up later then 6pm will pay an extra $50 late fee! This is meant to get the demo to start on time!



1.       All cars are subject to a post-race inspection before any prize money is awarded!!

2.       Protesting any class after the main event must be taken up with the drivers involved and the head official.

3.       $100 protest fee before any action is taken by the official. If anything is found to be against the rules, the $100 will    be refunded to the protester and the decision will be reversed by the head official.

4.       No other person aside from the driver & the officials will be included in a protest. THAT INCLUDES PIT CREW!











Cresco, Iowa
JUNE 26 - 30, 2019
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