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Five fun filled affordable days for the entire family
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Welcome to the 2014 Mighty Howard County Fair

Five Fun Filled Affordable Days for the Entire Family

The Howard County Fair Board extends an invitation to everyone to experience all there is to do and see at the Mighty Howard County Fair, June 25-29, 2014, in Cresco, Iowa. The 121st addition of the Fair includes 5 nights of Grandstand entertainment, daily livestock shows, several free grounds entertainment venues, fairgoer contests, Open Class and 4-H/FFA competitive exhibits, wildlife exhibits, commercial vendors, Ag equipment & RV displays and many more fun activities and attractions that Fairgoers of all ages will enjoy. In addition, the Fair features free gate, free parking and cost effective grandstand pricing.

A Fair would not be complete without a carnival. Again this year Evans United Shows will be featured on the Midway. The Evans' family has been providing the great 'midway experience' for the Fair since 1974. Another staple of the Fair is the wide variety of great 'fair food' that is a once-a-year indulgence we all crave for, young and old alike.  Everything from cotton candy, most anything your taste buds like that is deep fried, real hand-made malts, elephant ears, giant tenderloins, chocolate covered bacon and the ever-favorite church stands offering home cooked meals and pies are available to satisfy anyone's taste.

The Mighty Howard County Fair offers the best 5 days of fun and family events/activities the area has to offer. Affordable entertainment options, free entertainment, fair foods of all types and tastes and the opportunity enjoy social time with your neighbors and friends make the Fair a 'must do' event for all.

The Howard County Agricultural Society is the parent organization that is the 'owner' of the Howard County Fairgrounds in Cresco Iowa. The governance areas of the Society include the Mighty Howard County Fair, Expo Center, Cresco Speedway, Featherlite Center and the Fairgrounds Campground. The Society is also charged with overseeing all activities of individuals and/or organizations that choose to utilize some or all areas of the fairgrounds for their sponsored events or use.

The Society is a quasi-governmental organization under the Howard County Board of Supervisors. The Society is a non-profit organization in the State of Iowa, and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c3 charitable organization. Therefore, contributions to the Society are considered as charitable donations and therefore could be tax deductible.

Whether visiting the Fair or an event on the Fairgrounds during the year, we hope your time spent is enjoyable for you.

Members of the Board, Howard County Agricultural Society...

Cresco, Iowa
JUNE 24 - 28, 2015
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